About Us

Make It Our Business provides information and education to help employers and other workplace stakeholders to meet their obligations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. According to the Act, employers must prevent and respond to domestic violence in the workplace.

Make It Our Business develops resources to engage employers and other workplace stakeholders to prevent workplace domestic violence, to support employees at risk of or currently experiencing domestic violence, and to improve workplace health and safety. We outline how employers, supervisors, managers, human resources professionals, security personnel, union representatives, and co-workers can recognize abusive relationships, respond to domestic violence, and refer victims and abusers to supports that offer help.

Make It Our Business also offers a variety of training options for the workplace. In addition to helping people understand the dynamics of domestic violence and abusive relationships (including physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse), we engage your employees, with their varying roles and responsibilities, to create a safe and supportive workplace culture.

We have based the information and strategies in this website on promising practices collected from community experience and research, particularly reports from the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee which advises the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario.

Make It Our Business is a campaign of the Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women & Children (CREVAWC). We are actively involved in educating the public and professionals in many disciplines on the impact of violence in the lives of women and children. Our research in the London community, as well as our alliance with research centres in other provinces, has placed us in the forefront of many critical societal issues. We are working with our education partners to identify the most promising strategies to promote healthy relationships. We are looking at how to prevent domestic homicides with our justice, health, and community partners. We are exploring the role of neighbours, friends and families to recognize the warning signs of relationship violence. And now we have turned our attention to educating workplaces about warning signs of abusive relationships and how to respond to workplace domestic violence.