Warning signs for salon professionals

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Reprinted with permission from Cut It Out: Salons Against Domestic Violence

Be aware that one of these signs is not an indication that your client has been abused but a combination of theses or repeated signs may indicate abuse.

Red flags for possible abuse:

  • Bruising, abrasions, or cuts in the hairline or scalp area in different stages of healing
  • Bald spots indicating hair has been torn or pulled out
  • Unusual, unexplained bruising
  • Bruises are minimized and explained by clumsiness, i.e. “I walked into a door.”
  • Hair frailty, brittleness due to stress
  • Inability to keep appointments
  • Unusual payment methods i.e. Paying with cash and credit card
  • Partner always accompanies client to her appointments or waits outside in the parking lot
  • Injuries not seen, but may be indicated by the women’s difficulty of sitting in the chair, having hair washed, or general mobility issues due to soreness, tenderness, bruising, or other internal injuries
  • Frequent illness, stress-related issues such as migraines, generalized pain, soreness, backaches, stomach ailments, eating/ sleeping disorders, bruises/marks on body
  • Isolated from family and friends
  • Shows strong emotions or behaviour that seems out of character