Workplace Readiness Checklist

Check your workplace readiness to address domestic violence

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This checklist can help you assess your organizational readiness to take every reasonable precaution in recognizing and responding to issues of domestic violence in your workplace.


  • Senior leaders have had training and understand the complexity of the issue
  • Senior leaders take domestic violence seriously. They have taken steps to ensure everyone in the organization is prepared to recognize warning signs and risk factors and to respond using our policies and procedures
  • We have assessed our state of readiness in the past year as an organization
  • We have conducted risk assessment and surveyed employees
  • All workers and supervisors have been trained to recognize warning signs and risk factors
  • All workers and supervisors have been trained on our policies and procedures and know how to respond when warning signs of domestic violence are recognized
  • Newly hired staff have training on domestic violence
  • We have clear protocols for responding to risk assessments
  • We have clear protocols to deal with protection orders
  • We have clear protocols for investigating and resolving concerns and complaints
  • We have security measures in place (safety planning, emergency procedures and critical incident management)
  • We document and monitor situations
  • We reflect back on situations to learn and adapt as individuals and an organization
  • We have an identified inter-department team that has been trained to develop and coordinate risk management plans (large multi-department organizations)
  • We have relationships in place with community experts that allow us to consult as needed

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