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Workplace Domestic Violence

Make It Our Business Learning Objectives

A Whole Company Program Approach – Strategic and Comprehensive

Make It Our Business has designed a systematic ‘whole company’ approach that allows organizations of all sizes to build skill, knowledge and confidence to address domestic violence in the workplace. The program provides a comprehensive engagement pathway through four levels of awareness, education and training. The activities do not have to be completed in order; however it is recommended a workplace begins by educating and engaging senior leaders who will be better positioned to develop the implementation plan for the organization. Completing all four activity levels demonstrates a commitment to take every reasonable precaution to protect and support workers.

  • Organizational Readiness provides the most comprehensive training support for leaders to acquire critical knowledge necessary to develop and drive a company-wide program of action
  • Leadership Development for supervisors and managers who are responsible to protect workers
  • Develop Awareness with all employees about company policies, procedures and where to find help
  • Basic Education requires all employees to receive the core content in a (minimum) one hour presentation.

Training Options 

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