SNCit Conversation Framework: SEE it – NAME it – CHECK it

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It is difficult to have a conversation when we know or suspect someone may be experiencing abuse. “See it, Name it, Check it” provides a framework for these difficult conversations.

SEE it


  • Start with naming it to yourself "it looks like abuse"
  • Don’t ignore or deny the possibility that it may be abuse
  • Name it to the person you are concerned about. i.e.: "I'm concerned about you. You have been wearing sunglasses all week, and you are working late every day.”
  • Don’t gossip!


  • Check the situation; is it dangerous? If so, call 911
  • Check yourself; don't judge, don't jump to conclusions, don't try to fix it – ask questions
  • Check with a with the internal resources in your workplace – a Human Resources Manager, your union steward, your health and safety expert, your supervisor
  • Check with community experts, your local women’s shelter, or the Domestic Violence Coordinator of your local police service