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Celebrating Mother’s Day at Work

May 11, 2017

Mother’s Day. It’s a day when we celebrate all the moms and women of influence in our lives. This could be a mom of any type: a biological, adopted, foster or step-mom. It could also be a grandmother, an aunt, a close relative, a neighbour or a co-worker. It’s a chance to celebrate the women in your life. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and honour the moms and women in your workplace.

Many moms are busy with family obligations, careers and other commitments. Showing the moms in your workplace how much they’re valued is a simple and lovely way to let them know you care. Whether you choose to spend a bit of money or make it a cost neutral event, there are lots of ways to celebrate mother’s day at work.

three women having a coffee break

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Have a Mother’s Day pot luck luncheon - ask the men in your company to bring the food
  • Add in a game - ask the mothers to bring pictures of their children and take turns talking about their children at the luncheon
  • Print off certificates to honor each mother. Include the names of their children.
  • Give all the mothers a flower.
  • Give a gift certificate to a store, restaurant or the movies.
  • Give a coupon for an hour off to use whenever she wants.
  • Give a coupon for a Sanity Day Off.
  • Have a draw for a massage at a local spa.
  • Send all the women out for a nice lunch and afternoon off.
  • Surprise them with the help of their family - let their children come in for an hour to celebrate with a pot luck and treats.
  • Order in - have a local restaurant or catering company bring in food and delicious treats as a special surprise.
  • Everyone chime in - ahead of time, have people write down what they most admire or like about each mom, creating personal lists for every mom in the workplace.

Unfortunately, along with the joys and challenges of motherhood, some women experience domestic violence from their partners and spouses. As you are thinking about how to show that you value the mothers in your workplace, also think about how you can support the mothers experiencing domestic violence. For some ideas on how to do this, see the  Recognize and respond to domestic violence in your workplace brochure on the Make It Our Business website.

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