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How to Create a Peaceful Workplace

September 22, 2017

A peaceful workplace. It should be the goal of every organization or business. When employees come to work excited to see their co-workers and actually enjoy doing their job, it creates a more peaceful and productive work environment for everyone. There are many ways that companies can work toward creating this positive atmosphere in the workplace, including training, open communication and a healthy work/life balance. Read on to see how you can foster contentment and peacefulness in the workplace.

Create a Good Work/Life Balance - Work is important, but so is one’s personal life. When employers make a point of offering family-friendly environments, everyone benefits. Things like flexible working hours, compassionate leave, childcare facilities, support for breastfeeding moms, and mental health days all create a more positive workplace where employees enjoy coming to work and working for a particular company that supports them. Offering paid leave for victims of domestic violence is also an important step and one that many employers are taking. Workplace wellness is becoming a topic that many businesses and organizations are seeing the value in. When employees are healthy and feel supported, they are often happier, which in turn creates a more harmonious and peaceful working environment.

Encourage Open Communication - A great way to create a peaceful work environment is to foster open dialogue and communication amongst staff as well as management. Ensuring that employees feel comfortable to express their views or concerns can be incredibly helpful in achieving a peaceful workplace. There is almost always room for improvement, so be sure employees feel safe suggesting improvements. Set up regular feedback sessions as well as group meetings so everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas.

Offer Training - Most people are interested in expanding and growing their knowledge as well as their skills, no matter how happy they are in their current role. When a company can provide their employees with the proper training to develop, it’s more likely to create a harmonious workplace where these workers prefer to stay and grow with the company or organization. It will also create a happier workplace. Whether this means in-house training, offering an opportunity to take time off for courses or other training, is up to each company. Also, there are other valuable training programs that can be made available to every organization. Training like workplace harassment as well as domestic violence awareness can make a huge difference to every workplace. Understanding what constitutes harassment, as well as the large issue of domestic violence and warning signs to be aware of, ensures workers can look out for and support one another in times of need. Make It Our Business offers free basic online training for domestic violence in the workplace, as well as various other options for more intensive or in-person training. Wondering why this particular training is so important? Find out here.

Be Community Minded - Take time to get to know one another. When employees get along well and are even friends outside of the workplace, it creates a much happier and more peaceful work environment. They’ll generally feel more comfortable discussing any issues that might come up and tend to work better together. You can be more community minded by offering retreats outside of the workplace (a one day or weekend works well), as well as participating in events outside of the workplace. Monthly lunches or events are good ideas. Also, think about volunteering as a team. You can join in a charity run or walk or check out other volunteer opportunities in your town.

Reduce Stress - Without a doubt, an easy-going and happy workplace with little stress is one that is sure to be a peaceful workplace. Offering flexibility, creating lines of open communication and providing training will all help limit the amount of stress in the workplace. Provide employees with opportunities such as weekly yoga or meditation to create an even more peaceful workplace, and healthy snacks like fruit to keep everyone happy:)

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