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Workplace Domestic Violence Training - Why It’s Necessary and How it Helps

February 22, 2017

Domestic violence is often seen as a “private” issue. Something that happens in the home or within private relationships. A concern that doesn’t affect others or extend beyond the walls of the home or reaches of the relationship. In reality though, domestic abuse in any form is a concern for all of us. It’s a serious issue that doesn’t just affect the person experiencing it. From close friends to family members to co-workers and even acquaintances, domestic violence is much further reaching than many of us even suspect.

Domestic violence is a big concern for the workplace, with those who’ve experienced domestic abuse admitting that they often felt the effects at work. Oftentimes, the abuse continues in the workplace, with harassment, phone calls and emails, or even physical monitoring or visits. Women who have been abused regularly report feeling distracted at work due to the abuse, and numerous studies have shown a huge loss of productivity due to domestic violence.

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Because domestic violence extends into the workplace and affects all of us, and because we all want and need to do a better job at eliminating abuse, it is imperative that workplaces take an active part in recognizing and preventing domestic abuse.

Training employees at every level on the warning signs of domestic violence and how to help a coworker who is being abused are key steps when it comes to implementing a workplace domestic violence prevention program.

Make It Our Business is proud to be able to offer workplace domestic violence training to organizations and businesses, both online and in person. Our online training means that companies can can access this crucial information from anywhere and everywhere. More in-depth training is offered in-person. We have had great success and feedback with our training programs and know how helpful they are. As one employee said after completing the training, “I feel more confident about knowing the warning signs and what to do if I suspect domestic abuse. This training also helped me understand the Occupational Health and Safety Act that is in place to protect workers from domestic violence.”

Others appreciate the simplicity of the training. “I like how it’s a simple, straight forward topic that gets to the point and helps people help others.” And, “The videos attached to the key messages are very well done. Succinct, to the point and very reflective of real life situations. The 2 real life cases you featured on the video are key in showing how risk factors can be measured when exploring whether one's suspicion of DV is founded on factors that are signs of abuse/violence.”

Our training is both informative, easy to understand, and also very practical. Many people have come away with a new understanding of the fact that domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. “Domestic Violence can happen to anyone regardless of age, sex and social classes.  I now feel more prepared to support a friend, co-worker or family member by recognizing signs of domestic violence.” Another employee who took part in the training echoes these thoughts. “Honestly, the most important take away for me was the fact that domestic violence is something that can happen to anyone, and that I should know and be prepared to address the warning signs of domestic violence.”

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Having training in domestic violence and prevention can make all the difference for someone experiencing it. Many co-workers or employers have told us that before the training, they were unaware of their place in the situation and how they could help. The training gave them not only proper knowledge of what signs to look out for but how to address and respond to the issue. As one participant mentioned, ““Now I know what to do and what to say. I was always aware of the issue but felt helpless.”

Our goal is to help as many people as possible understand what domestic abuse is, the typical warning signs, and how to respond and address these concerns in the workplace. Our training will help employees at all levels. Please check out our domestic violence prevention training options for the workplace, and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

More Testimonials for MIOB Training

(Gathered from participants who completed Make It Our Business training sessions online or in-person)

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  •  “Domestic violence impacts the workplace more than I realized.”

  •  “Absolutely GREAT set of training modules.  You've managed to incorporate the HOW into the larger context of what DV is, how to identify it and make it your business in stopping it!"

  •  “I’m glad this is being addressed and very happy my employer is encouraging all staff to do the training.”

  •  “The most important take away for me was that Domestic Violence can happen to anyone. I am a victim of Domestic Violence. This training was difficult to participate in. i know it is very important for people to educated on.”

  •  "The videos attached to the key messages are very well done. Succinct, to the point and very reflective of real life situations. The 2 real life cases you featured on the video are key in showing how risk factors can be measured when exploring whether one's suspicion of DV is founded on factors that are signs of abuse/violence.

  •  “[I will take away the signs of domestic violence and that it is not always physical it can also be mental. It helped me understand many signs and to not force a co-worker to open up to me but to identify the problem, name the problem and the check up on them and then if they do not open up then at least you know you have done what you can and that the door is always open if the co-worker needs to talk.”

  • “I really liked the SNCit steps.  Also knowing that by using the SNCit I am able to open the door for a co-worker to approach me for further help.”

  • “SNCit was a valuable tool, however the reminder about not jumping into problem-solving mode was excellent. I appreciated the explanation that it is a form of victim-blaming and implies the individual is not capable.”

  • “The most important thing for me to take away is to never isolate yourself, if you feel uncomfortable with anything at all make sure you get help and look out for warning signs.”

  • "The absolute awareness of what is happening around me in the workplace, I will be much more diligent, I learned a lot in this session, about the many different types of Violence.  Excellent information, in super format.  Thank You so Much!!”

  • “[I will take away] the warning signs and risk factors and know what to look for proper response to make sure to be open - open the door list of resources, to refer, to obtain information.”

  • “Domestic Violence is happening every day, all around us without anyone knowing. This training has given me the information to be more aware of the signs of Domestic Violence in the Workplace.”

  • “We can all help prevent domestic violence.”


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