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HR and Health and Safety Experts talk about the importance of workplace education.


Theresa Vince Memorial

Marylin Kanee, Director, Human Rights & Health Equity, Mount Sinai

Narina Nagra, Human Rights & Health Equity Specialist, Sinai Health System

Patricia Verkley, Manager, Human Resources, CMHA Middlesex

Julie White, Retired Director, UNIFOR Women's Department


Dr Peter Jaffe speaks on Domestic Violence in the Workplace


In this short video Aaliya talks about struggling to know what to do when she sees a co-worker might be experiencing abuse.


In this short video Benjamin talks about figuring out what to do when he thinks his employee Carol is experiencing abuse.


In this short video Stephen talks about getting involved when he sees his employee Jim demonstrating abusive behaviours.


In this short video Jorge talks about the impact that his co-worker Jim’s behavior had on their workplace.


In this short video Carol describes how domestic violence impacted her job performance, and how her supervisor and co-workers showed they care about her safety.


In this short video Jim, a recovering abuser, describes how his behaviour affected his job performance, and how he is working to change with the support of his supervisor and co-workers.


In this short video, Aaliya, Benjamin, and Carol explain how workplace relationships can support people experiencing abuse.


In this short video, Jorge, Stephen, and Jim explain how speaking up in the workplace can help to stop domestic violence.


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